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2008-01-09 10:26:05 by mcinus

I am sooooooooooo sorry, i have'nt been on ng since december. And i dunno y. But anyways i have been working on Madness Confession Part II.
Note: Madness Confession Part I-II is the first movies in the series. Later there will be Madness Confession II, III, IV etc. Well, i have no plans of stoping on Madness Confession. In Part II of Madness Confession I well have a flashback of "Scarface's" life 5 years before.
I hope someone reads this posts and if someone does, could ya please comment so i know that u r there?

Below is a picture of Scarface



2007-12-30 16:39:24 by mcinus

HaHa, yesterday i saw Achmed The Dead Terrorist it was so funny!!!



2007-12-30 16:29:04 by mcinus

Sorry, that i didnt post my novell. My Phone ran out of battery(I am keeping my novell at my cellphone)!

Is it just me or do i post much?

2007-12-28 10:07:59 by mcinus

Right, so i just want you to know that I am writing on a novel. And i'd like to share it with me. So, here it goes, its a Fantasy novel. And its about a 17 year old boy, who gets drawn into a great adventure,

HAHA, lol i gadda go but ill write when i get home. (Im at work atm)


2007-12-28 09:08:32 by mcinus

I just recieved 2 messages from a girl(bot!?) called AliceBabe23, she writes me long messages about how she lives in Africa and saw my profile, and want to know me better. I mean if it isnt a bot, then it is a perv, who is masturbating to my posts.


2007-12-28 08:43:34 by mcinus

I try very hard to make a good flash animation, if i only could be as good as Oscar(Castle's Author). I mean, his first castle sucked(Jag menar inte att vara oförskämd Oscar). And the second was much better. And then, came the third one's! Who was THE most AWESOME animations I had ever seen. So, i wounder HOW he could transform form a n00b to a GOD?!


2007-12-28 08:04:38 by mcinus

YES, I am gonna be a voice actor in the animation Killer Instinct!!